DREAM for Communities

Create and manage restoration projects — attract funding for community restoration and development

Key benefits for IFO

Ease of use

DREAM offers a database of standard design solutions for construction that can be easily adapted to the needs of local authorities

Support in project creation and management

At each stage of the project in DREAM, you will receive recommendations on how to fill in the required fields, upload the necessary information, etc.

Community involvement

DREAM has integrated modules for holding public hearings, monitoring and control tools

Assistance in raising funds

All projects are placed on a common "project bank" that is also accessible to international organizations and private investors. A single "project bank" allows you to present your restoration projects in the best manner and attract funding.

Investors and public trust

Open data and user-friendly digital monitoring tools allow investors and the public to track and monitor each stage of the project, and thus build trust in the reconstruction

Legal protection

All procedures in DREAM will be approved by the relevant legislative and regulatory documents, which simplifies the work of local governments and reduces the risk of violations and complaints